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Our new Virtual Kitchen

Launching on the beginning of June 2020 a new and exciting kitchen serving North African and Middle Eastern dishes.  Home and Deli style cooking for dinner and special holidays.

Available to order only on Deliveroo 

Sample menu

  • Cold Starters
    - Moroccan spicy carrot salad
    - Oven roasted beetroot salad
    - Matboucha
    - Labaneh
    and more ......
  • Hot Starters
    - Moroccan cigars (meet/vegie)
    - K'chichot - meatballs tomato sauce
    - Kababonim - Beef mini Koftas
    - Hot Hummus
    and more ......
  • Ba-Pita
    Pita filed with yummy goodness
    - Beef meatballs & home fries
    - Chicken schnitzel & matboucha
    - Kroovit: Cauliflower, tahini & herbs
    and more ......
  • Couscous
    Traditional fluffy fine couscous served with vegetable broth and selection of topping
    - Chicken fillet
    - Beef Koftas
    - Beef meatballs
    - Skewers of chicken thigh in Charmoula paste
    (discounted price when sharing)
  • From the Mangal
    Selection of char-grill kosher meat served with selection of 2 side dishes
    - Chicken thigh Charmoula paste
    - Beef mini kebab (koftas)
    - Mergues spicy Moroccan sausages