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* Due to Covid-19 outbreak Friary Park & Mill Hill park cafe are now closed until further notice
* Home delivery available via Deliveroo. Please check deliveroo app. for opening hours. * Due to shortage of Kosher meat, we can not longer guarantee serving Kosher meat. If you only eat Kosher meat, Please call before placing an order.

Coming Soon
Our new Virtual Kitchen

Launching on the beginning of March 2020 a new and exciting kitchen serving North African and Middle Eastern dishes.  Home and Deli style cooking for dinner and special holidays.

Available to order only on Deliveroo 

Sample menu

  • Cold Starters
    - Moroccan spicy carrot salad
    - Oven roasted beetroot salad
    - Matboucha
    - Labaneh
    and more ......
  • Hot Starters
    - Moroccan cigars (meet/vegie)
    - K'chichot - meatballs tomato sauce
    - Kababonim - Beef mini Koftas
    - Hot Hummus
    and more ......
  • Ba-Pita
    Pita filed with yummy goodness
    - Beef meatballs & home fries
    - Chicken schnitzel & matboucha
    - Kroovit: Cauliflower, tahini & herbs
    and more ......
  • Couscous
    Traditional fluffy fine couscous served with vegetable broth and selection of topping
    - Chicken fillet
    - Beef Koftas
    - Beef meatballs
    - Skewers of chicken thigh in Charmoula paste
    (discounted price when sharing)
  • From the Mangal
    Selection of char-grill kosher meat served with selection of 2 side dishes
    - Chicken thigh Charmoula paste
    - Beef mini kebab (koftas)
    - Mergues spicy Moroccan sausages